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Apr 9, 2021

Efficiency Matters: Why Contractors
Need Site Intelligence Software

Better intelligence leads to cost and time savings for contractors.
Getting the right information in the right hands saves projects time and money.
Better Sequencing Results in Substantial Savings

Without intelligence software, contractors rely on intuition and experience to plan their jobs. Even for the most experienced contractors, mistakes happen, which can lead to dirt double handling or (expensive) long hauls. These human errors lead to increased trucking costs and lower margins. Even a small deviation from the optimal path of haul roads can cost contractors a fortune in lost margins. For example, moving just 10% of 1 million cubic yards suboptimally can lead to losses of $250,000 or more.

TraceAir has accurate cut/fill measurement and haul road tools that maximize efficiency and help teams plan jobs in the most efficient way possible. For example, a grading foreman could take hours to perform a visual inspection of the job, review drawings, and consult an engineer for calculations in CAD before starting operations. Using site intelligence software allows the foreman to compare current site conditions to design grade and plan the optimal haul road in about 10 minutes, being right on site and without needing to contact his engineer.
Prevent Costly Errors
Imagine a contractor is moving 100,000 cubic yards. They bill $5/cy to move the dirt, and their internal cost is $3.50/cy, making their profit $1.50/cy, or $150,000 for the project. If they double-handle 20,000 yards, they're spending an extra $70,000 to move that dirt, cutting their profit in half! Using site intelligence software like TraceAir to plan sequencing will prevent costly errors like this.
Better Intelligence Leads to Better Decisions

Historically, contractors have been literally left in the dust when it comes to technology. Without access to data, field teams rely on engineers to get the answers they need. This can lead to delays, uninformed decisions made in haste, or human errors. With site intelligence technology packed into easy-to-use field-oriented tools, there's no more guessing. Contractors can get the information they need, right from the field, using their mobile devices.
Intelligence Made Easy
Contractors like Independent Construction and Altfillisch Contractors introduced TraceAir to their project management and field staff on large grading projects, and the easy-to-use platform was quickly embraced by foremen and superintendents. Curtis McDowell, a Project Superintendent with Altfillisch, has minimized the time he spends on calculations in the field. Using TraceAir has made his processes much faster.

"It cuts out our long-handed processes, and it's fast, quick, and easy."
-Curtis McDowell, Atfillisch Contractors
Better Billing Leads to Faster Payment and Fewer Disputes

Disputes between owners and contractors about billing quantities are common. Truck counts and time cards aren't precise, and it can be hard for contractors to accurately document the work they've put in place.

Site intelligence software like TraceAir reduces billing disputes with owners. With regularly captured data that shows the volume of dirt moved, or linear feet of utilities put in place, or area paved, contractors can measure and bill easily and accurately for the work they performed.
Get Paid Faster
On a recent project, Vice President of Operations at Independent Construction, Ron Nooteboom, recalled a billing dispute with the owner. His team sent a bill for the quantity of dirt moved, and the owner disputed the amount. If they didn't have site intelligence software that provides a visual and volumetric record of the project progress, Independent would have a hard time proving their case. Because they use TraceAir, they were able to calculate the exact quantities of dirt moved per week, and were paid promptly.

"With TraceAir, we resolved this issue in days instead of weeks, and we recouped tens of thousands of dollars that otherwise would have been lost."
- Ron Nooteboom, Independent Construction
How much can you save by using TraceAir?
We take topographical surveys captured by drones (ours or yours) and process the data overnight.
What is TraceAir?
Project Document Overlays
Our team integrates your project documents (all formats, including CAD, PDF, vector, and raster) to allow you to check against the most recent as-builts to ensure no errors.
Site Balance Tools
Track your site balance and minimize waste with our cut/fill tools. Our platform also accounts for soil bulk/shrink and backfill.
Communication & Collaboration
The entire project team can access TraceAir from anywhere. No app needed, TraceAir works flawlessly from any smartphone or laptop.
3D Topographical Surveys
TraceAir is a user-friendly, collaborative platform that provides visual and volumetric site intelligence to the entire project team.
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