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Apr 22, 2021

5 Ways Homebuilders and Developers Can Save Hours in their Workweek

Homebuilders and developers can maximize their time by using technology like TraceAir.
Land developers and homebuilders cover a lot of ground, literally! Technology can improve efficiency and save hours of time each week.
Let technology do the work!

The entire construction industry is feeling the effects of the skilled labor shortage, and that extends beyond craft labor. Developers and homebuilders are also finding that in this booming housing market, land development managers and project managers are being stretched further on their projects.

Using technology to streamline workflows and save time is one way developers and homebuilders can stay ahead of the curve. Tools that provide intelligence during the site work phase, like TraceAir's turnkey solution, save hours (and even weeks!) on some key tasks.
1. Operations and Sequencing

Land Development Managers (LDMs) can track progress virtually and use measurement tools to plan operations and sequence contractors more effectively. Before TraceAir, it could take LDMs several hours to review paper site plans, conduct a physical inspection, and communicate with his or her team. Using TraceAir, it takes the LDM less than an hour to look at the site, develop a plan, and share it with the construction team.

Planning time saved: 3+ hours
2. Progress Tracking

Using technology for progress tracking drastically improves accuracy. Without accurate site measurement tools, LDMs rely on truck counts and their contractor's rough calculations. When there are problems and mistakes, it can take a month or longer to solve them. Using TraceAir, the LDM can get accurate volumetric measurements of the project that show how much dirt was moved and where on a weekly basis. Mistakes are caught quickly, and delays are prevented.

Tracking time saved: 1-2 hours, delay time saved: 1-2 weeks
3. Dispute Resolution

Without a visual record of a project, it can be difficult to resolve a dispute, such as when a stockpile was moved, when equipment arrived, when pavement or concrete was damaged, etc. It could take weeks to resolve these issues, without physical proof. Using technology like TraceAir means there is a visual record of the project. Land Development Managers can go back and check weekly scans and visually scroll through an area using TraceAir's time machine function. It's easy to assign responsibility and coordinate a plan to solve the problem in less than an hour.

Dispute-solving time saved: 1-2 weeks
4. Billing Verification

Typical methods of verifying billing quantities include timecards and truck counts. This leaves the developer or homebuilder at risk of overpaying for work not yet performed, which creates a cash flow risk. Furthermore, it's difficult to go back and check quantities. Using technology like TraceAir makes it easy to check the quantities of dirt moved or work performed using accurate site balance and measurement tools.

Billing time saved: 2 hours
5. Travel Time between Job Sites

Many land development managers and executives oversee multiple projects that can be spread across a large geographic area. Many TraceAir customers reported spending up to six hours per day on the road to visit their projects before adopting our technology. TraceAir makes it possible to track progress remotely with 3D topographical surveys.

Travel time saved: 10+ hours per week
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Homebuilders and land developers can use technology like TraceAir to improve efficiency, save their staff hours of time each week, and get better visibility into their projects.
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We take topographical surveys captured by drones (ours or yours) and process the data overnight.
What is TraceAir?
Project Document Overlays
Our team integrates your project documents (all formats, including CAD, PDF, vector, and raster) to allow you to check against the most recent as-builts to ensure no errors.
Site Balance Tools
Track your site balance and minimize waste with our cut/fill tools. Our platform also accounts for soil bulk/shrink and backfill.
Communication & Collaboration
The entire project team can access TraceAir from anywhere. No app needed, TraceAir works flawlessly from any smartphone or laptop.
3D Topographical Surveys
TraceAir is a user-friendly, collaborative platform that provides visual and volumetric site intelligence to the entire project team.
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