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May 29, 2020

Introducing: Time Machine Visual Previews

TraceAir is excited to introduce visual previews to the list of scans. It's not a new tool, but we thought its impact deserved a name. We're calling it Time Machine.
Time machine helps you search faster.

Visual previews drastically reduce the time it takes to search through previous scans. Here's how it works:

1. Position the frame over the desired area and adjust the zoom to the level you need.
2. Scroll the previews of this area in the sidebar and find the scan you're looking for in seconds.
3. Click on the preview to navigate to this scan.
TraceAir platform's view modes. Image: TraceAir
We want to save you time.

Time Machine improves workflows by providing an easy and fast method of auditing changes on site, such as:

  • When a stockpile appeared/disappeared
  • Equipment and trailer locations
  • Equipment arrival
  • Grading progress
  • Errors or damage
  • Area cleanup
  • Rainwater removal

Visual previews easily allow users to compare work progress reported on paper to actual events using drone-captured data.
Real Use Case: Using Time Machine to Expedite Billing
On a recent project, a Project Manager at Independent Construction noticed a billing discrepancy from an equipment company. He needed to verify when a piece of equipment arrived on site. Before TraceAir, he would have to rely on his foreman's notes and equipment log. Using TraceAir's Time Machine visual previews, he was able to quickly see when the equipment arrived, allowing him to resolve the billing issue accurately and efficiently.
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