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Feb 4, 2021

The Big Problem with Construction Technology

Empowering project teams with easy-to-use tools is the key to faster problem solving and better communication.
Providing project teams with accessible data and technology improves performance.
Defining The Problem

A major challenge in the construction industry is the distribution of technology among the project team. Many technology tools have typically only been available for select team members, such as engineers, designers, and consultants. These tools, such as CAD software, require expertise that created a barrier for project staff due to expense, training, and impractical use in the field.
Why This Matters

If the project team doesn't have access to technology, whenever an issue arises, it can take days to coordinate with engineers and consultants to obtain project information. This can result in delays in decision-making and requires time consuming coordination when teams need to schedule meetings, consult with technical staff, then relay decisions to the field.

Another challenge is that relying on engineers and consultants for information can be expensive, as the owner is billed hourly for each task. Of course, technology cannot eliminate the need for engineers and consultants entirely, but any reduction of billable hours is a benefit to the project budget.
Finding a Solution

If project data is only accessible using technology that is expensive, requires formal education or training, and/or doesn't work easily in the field, it is not a reasonable solution. To correct the technology accessibility problem, teams must be empowered with the right data, using the right technology to make timely and informed decisions. It's essential that tools are user-friendly for non-engineers, which increases the adoption rate among project teams.

With easy-to-use platforms like TraceAir, field and office personnel can quickly view 3D topographical scans, overlay project documents, and measure quantities using any internet-enabled device. TraceAir's web-based platform works in the field, in the office, and our intuitive software is as easy to use as Google Maps. When field personnel have access to the same information as technical staff, it improves communication and coordination among the project team.
Customer Spotlight
Construction companies like Independent Construction and Altfillisch Contractors introduced TraceAir to their project management and field staff on large grading projects, and the easy-to-use platform was quickly embraced by foremen and superintendents, even the least tech-savvy. Curtis McDowell, a Project Superintendent with Altfillisch, has minimized the time he spends on calculations in the field. Using TraceAir has made his processes much faster.

“It cuts out our long-handed processes, and it's fast, quick, and easy.”
– Curtis McDowell, Project Superintendent, Atfillisch Construction
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