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Nov 19, 2019

TraceAir and Independent Construction Start Their 25th Joint Project at Placer Vineyards

This membership enables TraceAir to better deliver its vision of automation to the construction industry
TraceAir in Use
TraceAir, a construction site automation platform powered by drone data, has started a new project at Placer Vineyards with Independent Construction, the owner of one of the largest dirt moving fleets in the United States. The joint project marks the 25th collaboration between TraceAir and Independent Construction. The project includes 5,230 acres of land in Northern California where over 14,000 homes will be constructed.

TraceAir will equip Independent Construction with its construction management software to ensure the best planning and sequencing decisions. The TraceAir platform will help the builders to prevent cost overruns (e.g. double-handling the dirt), better manage the unknowns by making data-driven decisions at all levels, and to finish the project on schedule and within budget.
"When we started to use TraceAir and realized how user-friendly and accurate it was, we have relied on it a lot more and benefited from it significantly. Unlike other software in the industry, TraceAir puts data analytics in the hands of field managers. So, now we do many tasks that previously were done at the office, including measurements," says Mike Jensen, Foreman at Independent Construction.
"When a reputable company embraces new technology, it leads by example and sends a signal to the rest in the industry that the others have to catch up if they don't want to fall behind. Using the TraceAir platform, Independent Construction has an opportunity to better serve its clients, manage its costs, and win more bids with new and existing customers. We are extremely proud that our partners chose us again for the Placer Vineyards project," says Nikita Ushakov, co-founder and Head of Marketing at TraceAir.
TraceAir and Independent Construction have been working together since December 2016, when TraceAir's drones did the first test flyover at the Faria Ranch project in San Ramon. Independent Construction challenged TraceAir to achieve an accuracy of 1/10 of a foot when they collected the site data. Skilled in drone data processing, TraceAir was able to pass the test. Since then, the companies have worked together on 24 construction projects, and the new collaboration at Placer Vineyards is an important milestone in this partnership.
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