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Jul 9, 2019

Meet TraceAir: A Construction Automation Solution Powered By Drones

Hello, world! We are proud to introduce you to TraceAir — a turnkey solution for construction automation powered by drone data.
Construction management can be challenging.
According to a recent KPMG's global survey, only 25% of construction executives believe the industry as a whole is delivering capital projects on time and within budget.
At TraceAir, we work on bringing automation into the construction industry to help companies control quality and costs. How? Let us tell you a bit more about ourselves.

Closing the gap between human imagination and tangible reality is a bold ambition we're committed to. We work to empower humanity with innovative automation software to turn construction plans into reality the most effective and efficient way. We envision engineering and construction companies taking more control over projects with:

  • Reduced workload on surveying and quality control;
  • Increased productivity of construction teams;
  • Reduced risks associated with planning and quality.

We believe that the construction industry will be fully automated in our lifetime. With innovations like drones and powerful AI, 3D printing, pre-fabricated homes and automated machinery, construction seems like a perfect stage for showcasing the technological revolution.

We understand that many small shifts lay between now and our vision actually coming true. We're driving them today, putting our effort and resources to bring technologies into existing operations. Bringing our vision into life, we use data from drones to create a living map of the construction site.

Then the platform automatically compares the copy with the design and blueprints to allow to make crucial measurements on-the-go, find errors, track progress, and plan the next steps. It helps construction teams get near real-time information from the field, produce insights, and make decisions faster, leading to lower costs and more efficient project completion.

The global engineering software market is expected to exceed more than US $46 billion by 2024, while
"drafting & three-D modeling is expected to be the fastest and most promising application for the engineering software program marketplace".
Unlike current software providers who target the only engineers, we at TraceAir provide a solution for all members of a construction team.

We created SaaS for construction powered by drone data and machine learning. TraceAir software helps the entire project team make informed and timely decisions and effectively bridges the gap between the field and the office. It all works in 3 steps:

  • We scan a construction site with a drone to create a high-res 3D imagery overnight;
  • Our platform compares the drone topo with design documentation;
  • The project team, including the less tech-savvy specialists, uses the platform to gain insights for solving their unique challenges

We've already equipped dozens of field workers with use-on-the-go tools previously available only for engineers at offices. That is the step towards quality assurance and risk management already saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Ready to know more? Check out our website, follow our blog and find us on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. And here is a teaser to get you excited about the future of construction automation:
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