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Jun 9, 2020

Customer Story: Site Balance Solutions

TraceAir's user-friendly site balance tools and high-resolution aerial images enabled Brookfield Properties to quickly validate reimbursable costs of soil generated on site.
TraceAir's Cut/Fill Balance Tool
Tracking Site Balance at
Brookfield Properties' Pier 70 Project

Site balance is difficult to track and critical to managing costs. Importing/exporting dirt can be 5-10x more expensive than relocating dirt on site. Developers rely on contractors for site balance information, which can be inaccurate and makes planning difficult.
The TraceAir Solution

On Brookfield Properties' 28-acre mixed-use development, Senior Project Manager David Greenstein used TraceAir to validate soil quantities on site and refine his plan to off-haul and/or import soil. Using weekly aerial images coupled with TraceAir's cut/fill balance tool, he was able to track soil movement on the project without relying on his general contractor. He was able to identify quantities of soil generated and repurposed on site, which could be reimbursed back to the project.
The cut/fill balance tool combined with timeline imagery created an efficient process to validate reimbursable costs.
TraceAir enables developers to look more frequently and easily at their site balance and predict where problems might be before they become costly. TraceAir gives developers the right knowledge at their fingertips so they are no longer reliant on contractors for information and can make proactive decisions.
TraceAir allows me to track accumulated soil and fill materials on site that nobody is accounting for. Without TraceAir, I would have been greatly challenged in proving these costs were reimbursable.
David Greenstein, Brookfield Properties
About TraceAir

TraceAir is a user-friendly, collaborative platform that provides site development intelligence to the entire project team. TraceAir provides:
High-Resolution Aerial Images
We take aerial images captured by drones (ours or yours) and process them overnight.
Project Document Overlays
Our team integrates your project documents (all formats, including CAD, PDF, vector, and raster) to support fast decision making.
Site Balance Tools
Track your site balance and minimize waste with our cut/fill tools. Our platform also accounts for soil bulk/shrink.
Communication and Collaboration
Owners, contractors, engineers, and consultants can access TraceAir from anywhere. No app needed, TraceAir works flawlessly from any mobile browser.
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