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We take topographical surveys captured by drones (ours or yours) and process the data overnight.
What is TraceAir?
Project Document Overlays
Our team integrates your project documents (all formats, including CAD, PDF, vector, and raster) to allow you to check against the most recent as-builts to ensure no errors.
Site Balance Tools
Track your site balance and minimize waste with our cut/fill tools. Our platform also accounts for soil bulk/shrink and backfill.
Communication & Collaboration
The entire project team can access TraceAir from anywhere. No app needed, TraceAir works flawlessly from any smartphone or laptop.
3D Topographical Surveys
TraceAir is a user-friendly, collaborative platform that provides visual and volumetric site intelligence to the entire project team.
TraceAir is accurate
Our data is accurate within 1/10th of a foot, so you can rely on TraceAir to help you track quantities with precision.
Why is TraceAir the best solution?
TraceAir is turnkey
We provide drone flyovers, overnight processing, and site analytics. Prefer to fly your own drones? No problem. We'll still process your data overnight and provide your team with our site intelligence software to manage your projects.
TraceAir is easy
From the office, to the trailer, to the field, TraceAir works from any device on any browser.
TraceAir is affordable
Get started with weekly flyovers, processing, and software for as low as $375/scan.
TraceAir helps you accelerate site development using volumetric site data, high-resolution images, and communication tools to manage your projects more efficiently.
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