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Nov 24, 2020

Customer Story: How Empowers Toll Brothers with Site Intelligence

TraceAir's web-based platform, 3D topographical maps, and easy-to-use tools empower land development managers to confidently make quick and informed decisions.
Empowering Land Development Managers

Site development projects leave little room for budget errors, and small problems can add up to huge headaches for project management. Land Development and Project Managers are forced to rely on engineers, surveyors, and contractors to get the answers they need because they lack the necessary tools to obtain accurate data so they can make decisions.

TraceAir is a site development intelligence platform that empowers the entire project team to view 3D topographic maps of their project with data captured by drones. TraceAir's collaborative software allows teams to track progress and measure as-built compared to as-designed for their projects, providing the tools required to quickly resolve issues.

Toll Brothers' Portland division recently began using TraceAir on two projects that were already under construction. Here's how the site development intelligence TraceAir provides is improving their project management and empowering Land Development Manager, PJ Stambaugh, to make timely decisions.
Solving Site Balance Issues

One project anticipated needing to import 24,000 cubic yards of dirt based off of the engineer's initial estimate at the onset of the project. In actuality, the amount of dirt imports eventually totaled 36,000 cubic yards due to the engineer's error. TraceAir's 3D topos and software allow for accurate cut/fill balance measurements as compared to design grade. Having TraceAir at the start of the project could have prevented this miscalculation and saved Toll Brothers approximately $7,000 in dirt import costs.

TraceAir also helped PJ's project team to find locations for extra stripping piles that are extremely expensive to off-haul. TraceAir empowers project teams to examine their project using 3D topos and precise site balance data to find proper places for this material on-site preventing improper dumping. It also allows them to make these decisions quickly, without having to rely on engineers for information.
Keeping Stakeholders Happy

TraceAir helped the PJ and his project team settle several small issues with adjacent property stakeholders. In one case, a contractor stated that natural resource buffer fencing was correctly staked, but in reality, the fencing was placed in the improper area, which caused the neighbor to complain. Very quickly, the project manager was able to use TraceAir in the field to hold his contractor accountable, find the errors, and correct them, saving hours of time and resolving the issue quickly.
The Right Data to Make the Right Decisions

Each time Toll Brothers asks contractors or engineers to survey the site to measure stockpiles or other areas, costs run upwards of $1,000 (including flight costs and billable hours). PJ and his project team began using TraceAir because it empowers them to measure their sites in a few minutes without relying on others for information. This leads to faster decision making and saves money on extra surveying costs.
It empowers me as a project manager to take control and hold my contractors and engineers accountable. All the people I work with on my jobs, whether they're moving dirt or they're engineers, absolutely love it."
PJ Stambaugh, Land Development Manager, Toll Brothers
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