Tech-enabled Construction Site Development for Homebuilders

Balance sites, keep contractors accountable, avoid sequencing issues, and finish on schedule with TraceAir's turn-key solution.
What they are saying...
"TraceAir allows us to evaluate important site balance issues early on in each of the grading phases; remedial canyon cleanouts, cut slope bulk shrink characterization, so that timely and efficient adjustments can be made".
Tom Banks, VP of Development, Fivepoint
We work with the biggest, baddest, and most innovative home builders you can find.
Our customers are experts in running profitable operations; that means not losing millions of dollars in overruns and going overschedule by months. That's why they choose TraceAir.
Save time and money by spotting issues
before they affect your project
Predict your site balance instantly
Weekly scans let you track the dirt available on the site before making import/export decisions.
Keep your contractors accountable
Avoid disputes and ensure you only pay for the work completed and necessary materials.
Avoid delays to stay
on schedule
Plan and predict delays early on to help contractors adjust their visits accordingly.
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Getting started with us is simple
Skip that long drive to the site by scheduling weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly scans to get the accuracy you need.
Our Pilots Scan Your Site
Our overnight processing allows you to get data-driven and start comparing as-built to as-designed as soon as the next morning.
We Overlay Scans with Project Docs
Your team collaborates in the cloud
Access our software using any device for more informed decision-making and faster collaboration. Anyone can use TraceAir, including the least "tech-savvy".
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Case Study
See how Independent Construction Company achieved Site Balance:
2M yd³ moved, Minimal Change Orders, & Finished Ahead of Schedule
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