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Site Development Acceleration
For General Contractors

Why General Contractors love Traceair

Easy to Use, Mobile, and Collaborative
Communicate transparently with owners and subs
Accurately keep track
of sitework progress using aerial images gathered weekly.
Accelerate schedule with optimal sequencing plans
Eliminate errors in the field and reduce risk through precise sequencing and planning using the most current data.
Eliminate billing disputes and only pay for work performed
Ensure accurate billing using measurable, shared data. Easily communicate progress to owners.
Ask us
to do a fly-over
Upload photos for processing
TraceAir Platform
Combine your drone topo, project documentation and measurements on any device including your phone or iPad
Upload processed 3D model
Custom cut & fill regions
PDF or CAD files
3D design models
We'll send a drone or you can send us drone imagery
We support all formats of project documentation
Whether you use drones or not, we are built for you
See how TraceAir works for these top GCs
TraceAir is an easy-to-use software that helps with planning and sequencing.
Minutes of planning in TraceAir as opposed to hours with old school way in the field.
TraceAir – a turnkey solution for site development.
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