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About TraceAir

A story of software and the future of construction


Construction is as old as humanity, and it has evolved into a $13 trillion industry. Despite its growth, the journey from design to completion is painful. Standard practices are often slow and inefficient. Technology tools are limited to engineers and technical experts and have been poorly embraced by many construction professionals. As a result, the industry has lagged behind other industries in productivity.
In the United States, labor productivity in construction has declined since 1968, in contrast to rising productivity in other sectors.
TraceAir started in 2015 as a group of software engineers who found themselves in love with the construction industry and people that build our homes, schools, hospitals, and roads.

We were surprised to realize that the industry hasn't yet adopted automation and technological advances that already exist in the digital world. We imagined a day in the future where construction could be as smooth as a video game — select the structure you want and watch the progress bar until completion.
We made it our mission and inspired the best and brightest minds in the construction industry who believed to the degree they've become our colleagues, advisors, and investors.

We understand that we're a long way off from true automation, so we've started with acceleration in the sitework stage. In order to accelerate as many different roles' workflows as possible, we've designed our software to be intuitive and easy to use. We believe technology should empower the people who actually build, whether they're in the field, trailer, or office.

We foresee a future of construction automation, where software, heavy machinery, and people will work harmoniously to build the designs we envision and allow the construction industry to do more with less.

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